Saw lots of programs and ads for “green” lifestyles.  Thought I would add a few suggestions on things that could easily be done to help save the planet.

1.  Eliminate those little stickers on fruits and vegetables you get in grocery stores — no one looks at them anyway and they waste paper and time.  They are there to tell the consumer where and if it is conventionally grown, organic or genetically engineered.  I just found that out from this blog,  When were they going to tell us about that?  I had no idea!!  There has got to be a better way.

Just a few stickers I have randomly collected

2. Require all new construction to have a passive solar water heating system.  There are systems that work with pumps or even better with gravity. You can build onto an existing home with reused materials (  Free hot water for a small investment — pretty cool.  Here is a longer explanation of the process from a commercial standpoint.

Solar hot water heater

3. Have all outdoor lighting supplemented with solar power — then only use the electric grid when necessary. They are doing in in Dubai, an oil producing nation.

Solar Street Lighting

Just some thoughts after Earth day.  Every day should be Earth day!!